Quality Control

External Visual Inspection
Appearance test refers to confirming the number of chips received,inner packaging,Humidity indicator,Desiccant requirements and appropriate outer packaging。Second, the appearance inspection of a single chip,mainly include:Chip typing,years, Country of origin,Whether to recoat,Pin status,Are there any re-sand marks,Unknown residue,factorylogos position

We use support to detect208EachIC Produced by the manufacturer47000SpeciesICModel programming device。Provided include: EPROM,Parallel and serialEEPROM,FPGA,Configure serialPROM,Flash memory, BPROM,NOVRAM,SPLD,CPLD,EPLD,Microcontroller,MCUAnd standard logic device testing。

X-rayTesting is a real-time non-destructive analysis to check the hardware components inside the component,Mainly check the lead frame of the chip,Wafer size,Gold wire binding diagram,ESDDamage and holes, Customers can provide usable samples or previous purchases for comparison check。

Baking and Dry Packing
Our services also includeJ-STD-033B.1.For standard professional baking and vacuum packaging,This service protects the chip from moisture,Controlling solder reflow temperature,Keep the chip available and reliable。

Electrical and Temperature Testing
We provide extensive chip functional tests,From basic parameters to basisMilSTD883Confirm chip function,Especially complex chips such asFPGA, CPLD and PLA。

Soderability Test
The test standard for solderability test isJ-STD-002B,This test mainly tests whether the soldering ability of the chip pins is up to standard。

Open the lid(Unblock)Mainly use the instrument to corrode the package on the chip surface,Check for wafers inside,Wafer size,Manufacturer's logo,Copyright year,Wafer code,Can determine the authenticity of the chip。

Pin Correlation Test
according todatasheet Device pins and related descriptions specified by manufacturers,Using a semiconductor tube characteristic plotter,Through the open road、Short-circuit test to check the chip for damage。

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